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May 2018
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Wot’s all this then?

This is my personal webpage — just my little corner of the web. I’ve decided to go with a blog as the core, and have bastardized it into being a general site as well. Not every section contains stories/entries, like this section or the resume section.For now, the focus of my site will mostly be on computers, music, and movies. I will also have (hopefully) regular journal entries. I don’t write this site assuming that hordes of people will be interested in my life (let alone day by day accounts). Although I write to an audience, I am mostly writing this site for myself, as a journal and record. It would be fantastic if other people also enjoyed my site, but I am my own primary user.

Who are you?

My ego section should fill you in some.

How did you do this?

I’m using PHP as the scripting language, mostly because I’ve become completely disenfranchised with PERL in recent years. PERL does have its place, that place just isn’t running my site.I have developed some simple navigational features to create a consistent look and feel across all the elements of my website. The blog is powered by WordPress, which I really like, although it took forever to convert all my data from the old Blosxom format.

Are there other versions of your site?

Why yes, there are, several in fact:
6. October 2004 – Present – PHP & WordPress powered
5. June 2003 – October 2004 – Blosxom powered
4. 1999 – June 2003 – built on GML (*sigh*)
3. c. 1998 – lets add applets to the mix
2. c. 1997 – uh oh, frames
1. c. 1995 – one huge page
0. c. 1994 lost forever
Plus, these versions that never happenned:
4.1 c. 2001
4.5 c. 2003 – java redesign

Who made those mood icons?

Jonathan Weiner made those and graciously gave me permission to use them on my own site. I am very pleased with them, thanks!

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