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Netflix Queue [Blog,Computing]
The Netflix Queue plugin fetches Netflix queue information as RSS data from the Netflix website, parses each movie’s information, and presents that information on the web. Individual functions calls are available for each of those abilities, allowing you flexibility in how they’re used. HTML presentation logic is also templated, allowing you to chose what data shows up about a movie, and what other text is mixed in with it. To install, simply download or copy & paste the script to your wordpress plugins directory and then activate it in the plugins admin panel. Click the installation instructions in the plugin’s description for more installation details. read more »
WordPress 1.5 [Blog,Computing]
I just installed WordPress 1.5 last night, and boy was that a pain. I had made many custom edits to extend the functionality and look & feel, which came back to haunt me. But at least 1.5 has the idea of themes, which allow for most of the visual and *structural* _changes_ you could want. I also found a cool plugin for code syntax highlithing called Geshi. package com.grahame.test; import; public class GrahameTest { public static main(String argv[]) { File file = new File(); System.out.println("Hello"); } }
Flickr [Blog]
I’m really digging the Flickr service. Check out my photos, I’ve added some more, and now link to it from my front page. If you know me, let me know and I can invite you to be a “contact”, which will give you better access.
Visitors 1.0 [Blog]
I just finished up my first Blosxom plugin for public release. It isn’t anything stupendous, it creates the user/guest/member count in the middle of the right (green) panel. It makes use the the login plugin to know if someone is a member. I don’t know how useful this will be to anyone, but I saw similar widgets on other blogs and thought it might be nice to have. I suppose the next step is integrated chat, zoiks! You can download it here.

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